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To the Trade . . . If you are in the graphics or web business, or sell printing, or in the printing or sign making business, subcontracting our studio may be a perfect solution to solve some of your work scenarios:

       WORK SCENARIO #1. If your company is swamped and needs temporary relief.
       WORK SCENARIO #2. If your company does not want to set up for in-house design.
       WORK SCENARIO #3. Your company sells web site design as part of its service.

Proofing and communication are key elements in our system. We build mini-web sites where you may proof several clients’ work all at once and also have the option to have your client view only their work and have their work isolated from your other clients.

We have found that the best proofing system is a combination of the mini-web site and direct eMails. We are flexible. Our goal is to finish your work on time, in budget and to the satisfaction of your clients. To this end we have developed methods to assure quality and timely completion. We use online quality Adobe .PDF and .JPG graphics. We accept large graphic files through our FTP system.

None of us in the business like surprises. Each step of the development process is accompanied by a digital-signature sign-off for quality and accuracy. All our work is done with a contract. First we establish an overview of your expectations and create a description and timeline for the work to be performed (this includes the files you will require). We require a deposit to start the work, and a pre-determined payment schedule. We sign non-compete clauses with the work you give us to do. For tax purposes we are a 1099 and a vendor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if this seems like a solution that would fit your company. Our aim is to accommodate your specific needs and fill this need with a successful solution. Call Us at (850) 244-7353 for a FREE CONSULTATION.